Streams R Us APK Download | Install Streams R Us App on Android

Streams R Us APK is a third-party, on-demand content app designed to work on the Android platform. This app has a solid catalogue to all types of content you would like to watch including TV shows, movies, etc. Streams R Us works on just about all the Android devices you could think of. But, it is best used on the touch-enabled devices.

Streams R Us App also has a nice, easy to use user interface. Various elements are arranged quite neatly. In this guide I am going to show you how to install Streams R Us APK for Android. Keep reading


Before we start with the installation process of Streams R Us APK app, there are a few things you will want to know:

  1. Steams R US app is not the part of Google Play Store
  2. The app needs to be side loaded (aka manually installed)
  3. You DON’T have to root your Android
  4. You need username and Password to us the app.

User Name: free

Password : sru

If the username work for you, please show your support by sharing it. If it does not work for you, let us know in the comment section. We will update with working credentials.

Part 1: Download Streams R Us APK

This is the part where we download the safe APK file of the app. Since it is a third-party app so we have to get the file from an external source. Here is how you can get it:

  • Launch any web browser of your choice on your mobile/tablet and click the link below.

Download Now

  • Follow the usual process to complete the Streams R Us APK download

When the download is complete, you can start with the installation procedure. It will take less than two minutes. You can use this APK file to install Streams R Us on PC

Always download the app from its official website. So that you will not face any further issues while installing the application. Keep checking  this space for more updates.

Part 2: Install Streams R Us APK

Now, what comes is the actual installation process. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings and then open Security
  2. Find the option Unknown Sources
  3. If it is disabled, enable it by moving its switch to the ON position
  4. Now, go back to Android home-screen and from there navigate to the Streams R Us APK location. You will require a file manager app for this and you will find the file in the Download folder
  5. Go ahead and run the Streams R Us APK file
  6. Now, confirm your intent by clicking ‘Install’ when the next prompt appears
  7. Let Android install the app for you
  8. When you see the notification that the app has been installed, you can start using it.

So, this is how the Streams R Us APK is installed on your device.


It is a good idea to download and install Streams R Us APK. Since it is a free app there is nothing to lose. Moreover, this app offers a healthy library of the on-demand content including several movies and a lot of TV shows.

20 thoughts on “Streams R Us APK Download | Install Streams R Us App on Android”

  1. Username and password didnt work for me

    • We will update the Username and Password. Thanks for contacting.

    • Hey Victor, we have checked with the Username and Password we have given. The details are working. Kindly check again

  2. Worked for me. It’s the 2nd time i downloaded it too. Username & password… 👍

    • I am happy that it worked for you Frankie. Please share this with others 🙂

  3. When will the live TV be up ? The movie side is great love it !

  4. Streams R Us is not working the username free and password sru no longer work…. as of 1 hour ago

  5. Username and password doesn’t work unfortunately


  6. The password is not working as of 11/2/2018 @ 10:15 am downloaded 3 times

  7. I just checked and the login info is not working for me either? What should i do now

  8. Hello Gear tv family. Just wanted to say thank for the time you guys put in to make to me the alphabetical, blue ray clarity, movies on demand apk out here for us people to enjoy. Unfortunately I can’t log back into the app with username and password free code could you guys check to see what the problem is please. I appreciate it 🤞🏾👍🏾👊🏾🙂

  9. Streams R us apk is not working. After I have entered the username and password it says unfortunately Streams R us has stopped.

  10. Can’t get it to work. Had it installed for months and it worked well.
    Not working at all now

  11. Username or password not keeps shutting down

  12. Username and password free and sru will not work. App keeps stopping. Cheers

  13. The username and password does not work ( free ) ( sru )

  14. Hello Streams R Us people. I just want to Thank You for this apk. I appreciate good work and i will truely miss this application. I hope you will reinstall again in the future. I loved everything about this app. It was very easy to follow and the movie selections was just fantastic. Hope you get it back soon.

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