Streams R Us on FireStick : Steps to Install Streams R Us on Amazon Fire Stick Tv

If you are looking for a good quality app to watch on-demand content on your FireStick or FireTV devices then I would recommend Streams R Us. This app brings plenty of on-demand content to your large screen including your favorite movies and the TV shows. This app is designed to be remote friendly and hence it works quite well on FireStick. It is a lightweight app suited for low storage devices. In this guide, I am going to show you how to install Streams R Us on FireStick using the manual installation method.

In this process, we will have to download Stream R Us APK latest version. You can get it from Here. This APK can be used to install on Android devices too. And, the same APK is used to install Streams R Us on PC


Streams R Us is not included in the Amazon App Store. So, we cannot install this app directly on Firestick. But, I will show you two ways to side load Streams R Us app on FireStick.

streams r us on firestick

Before we proceed, please change one security setting so that you may install third-party apps on your device:

  • Turn on Fire Stick device
  • Select Settings on the home screen
  • Click Device
  • Click Developer Options
  • Select Apps from Unknown Source and enable it

Now, I will show you how to install Streams R Us on FireStick using two methods (apps) as follows:

1. ES File Explorer
2. Downloader

Install Streams R Us on FireStick With ES File Explorer

Go ahead and download ES File Explorer from Amazon Store. Just navigate to the search function on the home-screen of FireStick and then look up for this app. Install by following the on-screen instructions.

After downloading ES File Explorer, follow the steps below:

1. Open ES File Explorer
2. Click ‘Tools’ menu on the left
3. Click ‘Download Manager’ from the list
4. On the right side click ‘+New’ on the bottom
5. In the Path enter this URL :
6. In the Name enter ‘Streams R Us’ (you may choose any name you like)
7. Click ‘Download Now’
8. Click ‘Install’ next
9. When prompted, click ‘Install’ one more time to confirm your action
10. Wait for the installation to complete

So, this is how we download Streams R Us on FireStick using ES File Explorer. Next method will use the Downloader app.

Install Streams R Us on Amazon Fire Stick With Downloader

Again, you will first need to download the Downloader app. Select the lens icon on the top left of FireStick home-screen to open the Search window. Now, type in Downloader and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app.

Once Downloader app is installed, we use it to download and install Streams R Us APK on FireStick. Here is what you need to do:

1. Open Downloader App
2. Go to Settings on the left
3. Enable JavaScript if it is turned OFF
4. Now, click the Home tab on the left side (on the top)
5. Click inside the URL text box on the right side
6. Type in next using the onscreen keyboard
7. Hit ‘Go’ on onscreen keyboard
8. Wait for the APK to download
9. Click ‘Install’ when the next window appears
10. Allow the installation to complete
11. When ‘App installed’ window or notification shows, click ‘Done’ (don’t click ‘Open’ yet)
12. Now, click ‘Delete’ on the prompt that’s active on the Downloader window
13. Click ‘Delete’ again
14. This will delete the APK file. It is not needed anymore

So, this is how we download Streams R Us on FireStick using the Downloader app


Streams R Us is a remote friendly device and hence you can use it easily on your FireStick device. You can install this app using any of the two methods we have listed above. Stremas R Us on FireStick is a great option for those who want to watch on-demand content on the large screen. Go ahead and get it now!